Crafty adventures from a Dane in Massachusetts


My name is Hannah Moore

I grew up in a suburb of Copenhagen in Denmark.

In case you don’t know much about Denmark, it is a very small country located just north of Germany, neighbors of Sweden and south of Norway. It has no mountains and no wild, exotic animals, but lots of pigs and grass fields. The people of Denmark are usually a bit closed until you get to know them, but if they accept you, they’ll be your friends for life. One of the bad things about Denmark is that people often think it is pretentious to say that you are good at something (I am still trying to break free of that). One of the great things about Denmark is that no one takes life too seriously, and everyone enjoys a little irony. 

I never thought I would move to another country, but two years ago I met my husband and he turned my world upside down (almost literally). I am now living in America, missing my family, but exploring new sides of myself, struggling to figure out what to do with my life, but enjoying every day I spend with my “skat” (that means treasure in Danish) - my husband Joshua.

As a child, my parents would always do creative things with me, such as draw and paint, collect flowers, snails and mushrooms, making creatures out of salty dough and allow me to have my own miniature vegetable garden. Because of that, I have always loved anything crafty and creative.

Ever since I was little (that is before I knew the letters of the alphabet) I loved coming up with stories and doing craft projects. At age 4 or 5 I would draw out stories and then have my mom translate them into writing.

Later on, when I was in school, I would make myself very unpopular with the other kids, by asking the teacher when we would get our next essay assignment.
In high school my joy of writing was somewhat lessened due to the boundaries we were now presented with in our assignments (aka analyzing short stories etc.), and in the years that passed from when I was about 14 to 24, I felt like my imagination slowly had a harder and harder time finding its way from that spot in the back of my head, to the center of my brain that manages writing. Lately, however (partly due to the support of my husband), I have been exploring the creative side of myself more and more and I feel like my inner child is slowly emerging from the shadows.

This has resulted in a bunch of new hobbies such as needle felting, knitting, sewing, Photoshop-ing, building WebPages, and, of course, blogging.

My blog is mostly about craft projects, DIY stuff, and cool and inspiring WebPages, but sometimes I just blog about whatever is on my mind at the moment.

I have a dream of some day writing and illustrating the world’s best children’s book.


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  1. Håber, du nyder livet langt fra hjemme. Kom lige forbi din side, da du havde noget om et strikket iphone-cover. Mangler inspiration til et cover til min absolut gammeldags Nokia :)

    Ville ikke læse med, uden at sige hej.

    Mai-Brit, Ebeltoft

  2. What is the other meaning of "Skat"?

  3. Hm... I am not sure if this is what you are referring to Ayhan, but skat also means tax in Danish:) Taxes and treasures... I guess they are related...?


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