Crafty adventures from a Dane in Massachusetts

Dec 5, 2011

Josh's Stocking - December 5th

Today I gave Josh a knitted iphone cover to match his headphone cover.
I didn't take a picture of it, but it looks pretty much like this (except knitted instead of crocheted):

I basically just cast on enough stitches so the row would reach around the phone, and then I just knitted garter stitch until the piece was big enough to cover the phone, and then I stitched the bottom and open side closed.

There are plenty of patterns on how to make a phone cover online. The pattern for the covers in the image above is made by Roses'nLillies.

There's also this fun iphone sweater by ColoradoMoms:)

or this felt cover by Wild Olive:

They are all really easy and fast to make.
I also made another little pair of mittens today:)


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I would love some feedback:)