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Dec 7, 2011

December 7th

...Belated Advent Gifts and Craft Projects

I completely forgot to post yesterday, but Josh's latest advent presents were some less crafty things. Yesterday I gave him a CD by Sting called "If on a winter's night". Sting is one of Josh's favorite musicians, and I was curious if he would also like this winter themed CD of his. It has a kind of melancholic feeling to it, but I think it sets the right mood for this time of year, and it makes me feel extra cozy under my blanket with a warm cup of cocoa, when it is cold and windy outside.

Sting - if on a winter's night

And today I gave Josh a folder to hold all his documents from work. Not the most exciting gift, but he needed it :)

Since I also forgot to post yesterday's Crafty Project, I'll post it here instead.

It is a Martha Stewart tutorial on how to make these pine cone elves:

Martha Stewart tutorial - pine cone elves

Aren't they cute? And you could make them even simpler than this and just leave out the shoes and gloves. Or make the clothes out of paper.

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