Crafty adventures from a Dane in Massachusetts

Oct 3, 2011


I need to spend more time in Boston.

My friend Patrick just sent me this article from a Danish newspaper, which describes Boston as a green city with a European feel to it, which enjoys a "summer vibe" late into the fall.

I happened to be in Boston this morning, and although it was kind of grey when I first got there, the sun came out eventually, and the Boston commons was full of people on their way to work, jogging or just taking a stroll.

I also met this curious guy:

I know I have said it before, but I LOVE squirrels, and I think if I got to explore more of Boston, I could love the city too. So far, I am embarrassed to admit, I have only really spent time in the commons and on Newbury street with all it's fancy stores, but I would really like to explore the city to the point, where I have found a favorite café, book store, yarn store, restaurant, green spot etc.

Do you have a favorite place in Boston? Or in another city?


  1. Boston is our favorite city and we have never been there:) It is a place both my husband and I want to visit and live in someday... Love the park photo, so pretty!

  2. Oh, you should definitely go then. I don't know where you live, but the fall is a great time to be in New England:)


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