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Sep 29, 2011

Grey and Gloomy Day

I am feeling sorry for myself... which is silly because I really don't have anything to be sad about. In fact I have a job interview tomorrow (oh no, I shouldn't have told you, now I am going to jinx it) and I just celebrated one year of happy married life with Josh.
It must be the grey sky and the fact that I haven't been able to take a real shower since sunday because our drain is clogged. Oh well, one thing that I know can cheer me up, is doing something crafty, and since halloween is now "only" about a month away, I think I will do something spooky:)

The other day Martha Stewart presented these mouse silhouettes on her website:

Fun idea right? I think I will cut some out and stick on the bottom of our front door. On a day like today, it will probably be a good idea to light some candles too and put on some nice music. Speaking of candles, on I also found these spooky silhouettes to stick behind candles:

If the weather is grey where you are too, I encourage you to, as soon as you can, put some nice music on, light some candles and maybe curl up in a nice blanket with some knitting or a good movie or book, and have a great, grey, fall thursday.

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