Crafty adventures from a Dane in Massachusetts

Jul 1, 2016

More projects

Another project I recently started is a ball jointed doll. I am following various tutorials, such as this very detailed one and this video:

So far I've created the basic shapes for the body and the head:

Jun 2, 2016

Sign of life

I thought I would just post some pictures of a project I've been working on for a while. I haven't had much time for craft projects in recent years, but this one is a project I anticipate working on sporadically for years to come :)

I bought this old dollhouse and decided to spruce it up.

Tor likes it...

I've added dormers and a bay window.

More pictures to come...

Sep 18, 2012

Craft Fair at Tattersall Farm Day Sept. 16, 2012

Just an update on Sunday's craft fair.
It was a great day. The weather couldn't have been better and there was a nice smell of apple cider and popcorn in the air at Tattersall Farm. I sold a bunch of my little felt ornaments, and got to meet and connect with some other crafters in the area.

What I most enjoyed about it though, were all the little kids that came over and looked at my stuff. A little boy came over and bought one of my doll dresses. He took a long time to decide which one he wanted and carefully placed the other dresses back on the clothes rack. He was the cutest thing ever! I hope the dress fits his doll.

Another boy almost persuaded his mom to buy the whole store. Not surprisingly, I liked him very much too:) There were also some little girls, who were very interested in how I needle felt my snowmen. The horse and chipmunk I showed on Facebook the other day were also sold. The horse went home with my craft fair "neighbor's" niece and a  little girl in a pink skirt bought the chipmunk.
All in all, it was a fun day, and I have already been commissioned to make more chipmunks and keychains:)

Hannah-Made at Tattersall Farm Day

Some Hannah-Made products

Hannah-Made handmade dolls at Tattersall Farm Day

Aug 28, 2012

Work in progress

Here are some pictures of a doll I am working on. I have a craft fair coming up in September, so I am trying to get some things crafted before then. It is going to be mostly felted animals, dolls and polymer clay buttons  for this craft fair I think. 

Jul 3, 2012

Rice Glue

I just found this article from wikiHow on how to make rice glue. I am not sure what I'll be using it for, but I know it is a future project for sure.

May 30, 2012

A gift for a little guy

Just finished a gift for my friend's newborn son. My first sweater. It is always good to start with a small size. Hope it makes it all the way to Denmark okay.

May 6, 2012

Cat on a Hot Tea Mug

Craftiness of the weekend - painted cat-lover's mug... Should I add some more details? Maybe paint dots all over the mug? Or some sort of text? I need some inspiration...

Apr 18, 2012

Can't Wait To Have A Garden...

This is how I imagine every day owning a garden will be like. I am ignoring the fact that three quarters of the year it is too cold to have garden parties... It is nice to dream though...